Aims and Objectives

Mission Statement



• To provide a rich, stimulating and caring environment in which the child feels happy, safe, secure and confident.

• To encourage the children to become confident, competent, creative, cooperative and able to cope.

• To equip the children at Tynyrheol Primary School with the skills and knowledge which will enable them to develop as individuals in their own right.

• To provide high quality teaching and learning experiences to enable all children to achieve highest possible standards in all areas of the curriculum which is broad, balanced, relevant and differentiated and also meets the needs of all children with special educational needs.

• To continuously review and monitor our practice to raise standards.

• To respect and care for the school environment and local community.

• To ensure equal opportunities for all pupils.

• To encourage pupils to be enthusiastic and take pride in his/her work.

• To foster good relationships between the home and school, welcoming parents into the school and encourage them to work in partnership and harmony with the staff.